Used Cars Under 1000 USD on Houston Craigslist Cars

Now I’m looking cheap cars on Craigslist for the used cars under 1000 dollars. This is exactly what I stumbled upon today. Just searching on Craigslist cars (Houston, TX) and finding for a cheap car to buy less than $1000. I am planning to sell my Infiniti G35 shortly and realized that cars are really overrated understanding that now I am prepared to negotiate for a car that just runs and will not give me that lots of problems.  I have looked to Craigslist Cars and love to look into the item listings to find out the amount of used cars under 1000 dollars I could find. A primary reason why I would like to buy a car with this in mind price range is simply because I am rather broke at this time as well as I am researching for my own.

1997 Toyota Tercel best used cars under 1000
1997 Toyota Tercel – Cheap cars for sale under 1000 dollars on Craigslist Houston Cars


Here are 4 Cheap Running Used Cars Under 1000 Dollars

A 1998 Buick Century – These cars are a very good buy. Mostly the owners will sell it if they are looking to purchase a new vehicle. There might be some minor things that need to be fixed on this type of cars such as a tail light or some fuses that you just need to replace. Other than that the car drives smoothly and you will surely get it for a bargain.

1998 Buick Century - Best Craigslist Used Cars Under 1000 in Houston, TX




A 1997 Toyota Tercel – This car is a manual transmission vehicle. It consists of two doors. This price range on this car is round about $1000. It is a very low maintenance car and it will take you from point A to point B, even in stormy weather because it comes with ting tires.


A 1993 Toyota Tercel – Almost the exact same as the 1994 model. What is great about this car is that it runs very well. If you were to live in Washington then this car would actually be a big hit. The price range for this car is $1350, but I bet that you can negotiate with this price and get it for $1000. Why would you want to get yourself a BMW when you have the real deal right here and at that price, it’s one of the best used cars under 1000 you can find.

A 1991 Mercury Cougar – These cars will usually be sold by the owner if the owner has more than one vehicle. It comes with a really good price for $980 which is almost close to the benchmark of $1000. This car runs very low on the mileage with an average of about 190,000 on the odometer. Again if you are looking for a reliable vehicle that can take you to where you need to be than go check out these cars. You can find some of the best used cars under 1000 !

1991 Mercury Cougar - Used Cars Under 1000 Dollars, Houston Texas





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