Best Used Cars Under 3000 on Craigslist Houston TX

If you are looking forward to finding a good condition automobile, there are a lot of best used cars on Craigslist that you will find for just under $3000. This is a very best price range for such a trustworthy vehicle. Two years back, I planned to leave the United States for a long period of time. By that time I had 2 cars, one which was obviously a Mitsubishi Lancer year 2003. I ended up selling this one to a very nice family for just 2900 Dollars. Seeing that my vehicle was still in a very good condition they really ended up with a good deal.


My very first car that I had was a stylish 1991 2-door Toyota Tercel, it came with a standard tranny and I got it at just $1,400. The total distance for the car at that point in time was something like 90,000 miles. I also ended up driving the car for a lot of years up until I ended my college years. By that time, I had added another 140,000+ miles on this car. I had no idea what I actually had until about 4 years back when I decided to buy myself a 30,000+ luxury sport sedan. Only now I have come to understand that unless you are sitting on a gold mine then cars are truthfully very overrated, and they are, actually  seen as a luxury for the rich.


As far as I am concerned, cars are only a form of vehicles to help get me from one point to the other. When the car is in a very good condition and is reliable, then that is just the type of car for me. When you are looking forward to buying a used car for under $3000 then the chances are that you will probably end up with a very good deal because these used cars are still in greatly condition.  There are a few things that I do recommend when you are finding online to buy yourself one of these used cars under 3000 dollars.


2003 Mitsubishi Lancer
2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Used Cars For Sale I found on Craigslist Houston TX


Here are tips about Buying Best Used Cars Under 3000 Dollars.

Avoid buying old American cars, including Ford Taurus. You will find that most of the time these cars do require a lot of maintenance, and that is the very reason why they are on sale. People with these cars are so tired of trying to fix their car and spending tons of money that they now attempt to place their problem onto the next person.


I do recommend that if you are searching to purchase in a very good used car, rather opt for a Honda or Toyata. Old used Toyotas or Honda cars have lots of potential lefts in them. One of the main reasons that the owners of this used cars sell in the first place is they are wanted to upgrade to a better version of the old model or simply finding to buy a new vehicle altogether. Do not let the miles on the car be a turn off for you when you are finding to buy one of these old used Toyotas or Honda’s cars. If these cars have 150,000 miles on there, in case the owner has taken proper care of the vehicle, then the car may still run for 300,000 miles or more distances. In random order here is my own personal choice of 4 top cars on Craigslist cars Houston ( You will find that all these cars have the mileage less than 200,000, run clean and have clear titles with the best gas mileage.



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