Used Car Buying Guide That Save You From The Later Troubles Faced

Used cars are considered to be the backbone of car dealing industry and they are comparatively sold more than new vehicles. Similarly middle class is also very prone to buy used cars instead of new ones because they can save lots of dollars on things like registration of car and other charges of brand new cars. While buying a used car can help to save many dollars for you, things can go otherwise too. Some used cars come with plenty of problems that buying those means purchasing a severe head ache for you.

Tips for buying a used car

In this blog post we are going to offer you with some useful tips which can save you from the later troubles faced by used car buyers.

used car buying guide

The very first and foremost thing that is often counted while buying a used car is the body of the car. The best way to investigate the body of car is to place it under sun light and check it when it is completely neat and clean. Stand on a few yards distance and look over different body parts of the car. If you find any sort of changed color or color spots on any area then go near and investigate that part in more depth. Do not just rely over the words of seller or broker and investigate the paint and other parts with great attention. Mostly painted parts leave their remainders upon the joining parts like lights and other parts. You should get a closer look of them and see that whether there are any such spots or not.

Bumpers of used cars are always repainted because of some minor scratches etc and you should not pay greater attention to them. But if the car has more than 2 parts painted then you cannot say it’s a genuine car. Similarly if the front of the car, hood and back are repainted and welded then a common assumption is that car has gone through major accidents. Look at every aspect in detail so that you may not miss something which later becomes a devaluing aspect.

Another important thing to consider when you are to buy used cars is the history of the car. You must investigate in detail that where has this car been driven since the day of its purchase and whether there is any criminal record of the car or not. You can check these matters at official websites of concerned authorities.

Check the documents of the car and if it is imported car then see its customer clearance papers and custom duty paid receipt. If the seller is unable to provide such evidence then it is recommended to avoid such cars. Check the ownership of the vehicle and also see how many people have already driven this car.

Ask the seller about the current condition of the car and investigate engine of the in detail. You can get services of mechanic for this purpose. It is always vital to hire a mechanic even before your search to buy used cars.

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