Finding A Great Deal on Used Cars For Sale By Owner

The used cars for sale by owner section on any classifieds ad is a great place to start for auto owners who are ready to part ways with a used car, and for buyers who are trying to save on the price of a vehicle. Not only will owners sell used for a much lower price than a newer model, and current year of the vehicle they own, buyers are understanding of the fact that the vehicle they are buying, may have certain defects. Using the right online posting site, is the starting point to getting the car sold to the right buyer online. 

used cars for sale by owner - bmw
BMW – Used cars for sale by owner in Washington State


Deal with Used Cars For Sale By Owner

Post on Craigslist Cars

Not only is posting your used cars for sale by owner free on, it is also very simple to do. You don’t have to create a long profile, or pass several checks to register. You simply have to post the vehicle for sale, and a brief description of the car you are trying to sell. It is quick, simple, and efficient; plus, it is not going to cost you anything like you would have to pay on other sites (such as motors). 

How to set up your post

When you are trying to sell a used car, you have to highlight the features that would draw in a buyer. For instance, if it is a vintage car, you want to highlight the year, or the fact that the vehicle is no longer in production. Stating that the original paint work and all original parts are intact, would also be a good idea with a vintage vehicle. On the other hand, if it is a regular sedan, or car that someone would be driving on a daily basis, you don’t want to state these facts. In this case, you would want to highlight the fact that the car was maintained regularly, got regular oil changes and maintenance work, has new tires and brakes, and other similar facts. 

When you are listing your used car, you have to showcase everything positive about it. Also, if it is certified by a manufacturer, this is also a great selling point to include. If the car can be serviced at the dealer, and you can transfer this service to a new owner, that is also something to indicate. You want to give buyers as much information as possible, and you want to inform them of everything that is a positive with the car you are listing. 

Used BMW 3 Series
1983 Used BMW 3 Series  – Some of cheap used car for sale by owner found on Craigslist cars

Issues with the vehicle

You want to be upfront with buyers, a good way for open communication is to sell only to local buyers. On Craigslist cars, you can post that the car is available to local buyers. You shouldn’t post your address on the original post, but it is a good idea to post your phone number or email, so people know how to contact you, so they can schedule a showing, and see the car. At this time they can inquire as to whether the car has ever been involved in an accident, or any other questions. 

It is important to be honest with a buyer. You don’t want to mislead them, but at the same time, if they do not ask a question, you don’t have to voluntarily inform them of issues they don’t ask about. Open communication and honesty is not only going to elicit a quicker sale, it will also allow you to get a higher price, or even the full asking price when you are selling it used online. So, make sure you include contact information, and how local buyers can reach you to find out more about the car, and even schedule a meeting with you so they can see and even test drive the used car that you are selling. 

mercedes benz 450
Mercedes Benz 450 – Affordable Used Cars For Sale By Owner on Craigslist Cars Los Angeles

The price

In some cases, this is going to make or break the deal. Of course buyers are interested in what the asking price is. But, if you simply state that you are asking $12,000, and won’t accept any other offers, then you might turn away certain buyers. So, one technique to use is to list the asking price that you would like, along with the statement that you would be willing to hear offers from a buyer. Or, you can choose the second option of not listing a price, if it is a fairly high asking price. With this option, only truly interested buyers are going to call to find out about how much the car costs, and what price you are hoping to get when selling the used car. 

It is always a good idea to at least have an open mind when it comes to the price. If you are firm stuck at receiving $12,000 or any other asking price, but the car is not in top notch condition, then this will not bode well for you when trying to sell used cars for sale by owner online. It is a good idea to state in the post that you are open to negotiations, as long as the buyer is reasonable, and willing to offer you a price that is close to the asking price, when you are listing your used car for sale.


Why post online

If you are ready to buy a new car, and the dealer is only offering you a low price for a trade in, sometimes it is not worth accepting. Or, if you already bought a new car, and the used car is simply sitting in the garage, collecting dust, why not make some money off of it? 

By posting your car for sale online, you have the potential to make more than any dealer would be willing to offer you for it as a trade in. And, if it is no longer in use, simply collecting dust and taking up space in the garage, why not try to sell it? The process of posting a classified ad for used cars for sale by owner is quick, easy, and one of the most efficient ways to sell a used car quickly, for a good deal.

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