Top 6 Best Used Cars under 10000 on Craigslist

If you have a budget that is round about $10,000 to purchase a used car, you can strike a very good deal. With this kind of money you will be able to buy a vehicle that is fairly new, expensive and second hand, but still in very good condition. I have done research that includes a lot of reading, searching the web and Craigslist to look at what type of used cars you can purchase that is within the price range of $10,000. Below is my personal choice of top 6 cars that I think is some of the best used cars under 10000.

Top 6 Best Used Cars under 10000

best used cars under 10000

2008 Ford Focus – I use three words that describe this car best: Mileage, Gas, and Great! The average Ford Focus can go up to 40 MPG on the highway, which will leave the owner least concerned about gas. What is great about this vehicle is that it is very durable. Reports have shown that this vehicle is not subjected to any factory malfunction, which is awesome! All you have to do is ensure regular maintenance on the car. There has not been any other repair or wear and tear related problems reported by consumers concerning this car. There is one downside to this very great vehicle and that is that the tyres do tend to wear quickly. Before you purchase this vehicle, please ensure that you ask the previous owner when last the tyres were checked and changed. While I was doing my research, I stumbled upon a very nice Ford Focus SE on Craigslist for just $7900 that has less than 36,000 miles on it. Now that is a great deal.

2007 Ford Fusion – With its new and improved design and overall smooth ride the Ford Fusion has sure made its way to one of my top 6 personal choices of best used cars under 10000. This vehicle comes with many awesome features that includes an MP3 jack, alloy wheels and a folding front passenger seats. If you are looking for a vehicle to fit the entire family then this would be a good option for you. Many people have concerns about the safety features due of the fact that ABS will have extra cost and the car does not have a stabilised power control. If you look at the inside the vehicle itself, the interior has a cheap feel to it. While browsing on Craigslist Chicago I found a good condition Ford Fusion it looks just like the SE and it ranges from $3700 to $8450 with mileage of 98,000.

2006 Honda Civic – This vehicle is best known for its effectiveness and reliability. If you are searching Craigslist for a vehicle, you will find that there are many 2006 models with 100,000+ miles on them. Do not stress yourself, a Honda that has 100,000+ miles on it is no big deal. These cars can go well over 200,000+miles if you do regular maintenance on your vehicle. Consumers have therefore admitted that there are no major problems to this vehicle; all you need is to ensure that routine maintenance is done. Cases were reported where some people have had complaints where the vehicle over 130,000+ miles was experiencing problems with the engine block. If however the used car that you are looking to purchase is over the 130,000 mark, please make sure that you first take a good look at the engine block and any other electronic components of the vehicle. Many used Honda Civics on Craigslist goes for $9000 with an average mileage of 80,000 to 100,000.

2008 Nissan Versa – If you are looking for great value and quality for the price you pay then this would be a good choice. The Nissan Versa offers great comfort especially for adult passengers and there is plenty of legroom. The average miles on this car would be 24 mpg city/ 30 mpg highway. There have been many times that people have reported that the vehicle is not very reliable so it would be in your best interest to first take the vehicle to a mechanic before you purchase it. One of the most common problems that have been reported is that the wheel alignment is off and that the build quality is off. Among other complaints are the considerable engine noise is at high RPMs

2007 Scion tC – When I looked on Craigslist I noticed that the 2007 Scion tC there has many great reviews. This vehicle comes with many great features in the standard model. Many consumers say that the mileage on this vehicle goes above average. Many people are proud to have this car for the sporty look and its powerful engine. While there are others that seem to complain that the vehicle makes a noise while driving the highway. I managed to find a very good condition 2007 Section tC manual on Craigslist that goes for $7500 with a mileage at around 72,000.

2004 Acura TSX – The 2004 Acura TSX is a very powerful and fun vehicle to drive. It contains many standard features. The average mileage on this vehicle is about 30 MPG when you hit the highway and 25 if in the city. Many owners do not seem to have any major problems with this vehicle even if it hits over the 100,000 mileage mark. When I looked on Craigslist I found a good quality 2004 Acura TSX with around 100,000+ miles on it. It went for $8900 with 119,000 miles.

You can’t go wrong by choosing one of these cars I mentioned above, they are truly some of the best used cars under 10000 that you will find on Craigslist.

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